Confidently enter new markets with an agile alternative to traditional global expansion.

Maintaining daily operations while planning a global expansion is a delicate balancing act—especially when hiring in multiple markets. With International PEO, discover a streamlined approach to global expansion, and how you can take on new markets with confidence. 

Our infographic explores the elements of International PEO, an agile alternative to traditional global hiring methods. Learn how incorporating International PEO in your expansion strategy can help you remain focused on your day-to-day responsibilities.


This infographic will educate you on:

  • Getting to Know International PEO: Learn more on what International PEO is, how it works, and if it makes sense for your business needs.
  • Ensuring You Hire Compliantly: Explore why International PEO takes the guess work out of keeping up with labor regulations, employment laws, and corporate compliance.
  • Avoiding Misclassified Contractor Risks: Find out how International PEO can mitigate the risk of working with independent contractors.
  • Determining Your Expansion Method: See a side-by-side comparison of International PEO and entity establishment to determine if it aligns with your goals.

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